These questions mostly relate to fields in which numbers play an important role. This includes the hard, technical sciences.

Data / Deep Learning / Programming

  1. Where can I find large datasets open to the public?
  2. What are some good books/papers for learning deep learning?
  3. What are the top 10 problems in machine learning?
  4. In machine learning, is more data always better than better algorithms?
  5. What's the fastest way to learn how to create infographics?
  6. What is the best online resource to learn Python?

Mathematics / Statistics

  1. What did Cedric Villani prove for his Fields Medal?
  2. Is most of advanced mathematics useless?
  3. What's a statistics that many people would be surprised by?
  4. What are some good online courses and books available for learning probability and statistics?
  5. How good a mathematician was Alan Turing?
  6. What is the best online resource to learn Python?


  1. What are the best books on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, decentralized networks and cryptography?
  2. Where should I start to study Blockchain and Ethereum?
  3. What is Bitcoin-16?
  4. Where do I learn about Blockchain?


  1. What is the most innovative app?
  2. What is the best modern mockup software?


  1. What are the best documentaries economics?
  2. Why does China keep lending money to the United States when the US does not return it? How does China benefit from this investment?
  3. What are some the best economics books?
  4. Is capitalism a zero sum game?
  5. Why is everything so cheap in Germany?
  6. What are some good books regarding new trends in capitalism and democracy?

Urban Planning

  1. What are good introductory books on urban planning?
  2. What are some must read books for urban planning / urban studies students?
  3. How would you design a perfect city from scratch?

Living off the grid

  1. What are different types of tanks used for rainwater harvesting?
  2. What should I plant with just a few acres?